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Member Directory not able to be printed out at present

In the past few months we have been working to get church members to add themselves to the Member Directory in Elvanto, either online or through a paper form, and choose what information they would like others to see. You will be able to look people up in the 'Member Directory' page using the menu at the top of this website.

We were hoping to be able to print out the results of that work so that it could be accessible for those without internet access, or who prefer to use a more traditional directory style. However, we have just discovered that the developers of Elvanto have not yet implemented the feature that would allow us to do that. So we are not currently able to print out a directory while maintaining the privacy settings that people have given us. We have let Elvanto know that we would like this to be possible, and they have replied that it is a feature they are working on.

If this is a problem for you or someone you know at the church, we suggest that you keep any copies you have of older printed parish directories, which contain the details of most of our current members. If you need to contact someone else, feel free to contact the office, and if they have allowed us to share their details, we will pass them on to you. Hopefully this will only be a short-term issue.

AGM Coming up on Nov 9th

Our church is having our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday November 9th at 7.30pm. This is a great opportunity for all our members to come and hear about the life of the parish this year. Nominations are needed for office-bearers in our church governance - Wardens, Parish Council Members, Incumbency Committee. If you want to vote in elections you need to be on the 'Electoral Roll'. See the display on the noticeboard in the foyer to check or to join the Roll.

Term 4 Rosters are being prepared - please submit your unavailability

We are coming up again to the time when we get the service team roster ready for next term. It is very helpful if you can let us know when you are unavailable to serve by going to the 'Unavailability' page in the menu above and putting in the dates. Thanks!

Rosters have arrived!

From Term 3 we are going to start using Elvanto to create our rosters for the morning service at St. John's. You can see your upcoming services by logging into your account and going to the 'Roster' page in the menu above.

You will receive an automatic email reminder in the week before you are rostered on.

If you have any difficulty with getting into your account or working with Elvanto please feel free to contact the office.

Rosters and Unavailability

We are coming up to Term 3 soon, and will be preparing the roster for services. One thing you can do to help with that is to use the 'Unvailability'  page, which you can access through the menu at the top of the page. In there you can put any dates that you will be away or unavailable, so that the office will know when it comes time to prepare the rosters. This is one of the useful features of Elvanto for making our administration easier.


St. John's Anglican Church, Diamond Creek

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